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UK alcohol reports

This section comprises general alcohol reports from across the UK, including reports from the Department of Health, Public Health Observatories, Office for National Statistics, and National Centre for Social Research.


November 2015 - Four Nations: How Evidence-based are Alcohol Policies and Programmes Across the UK? (pdf 505kb)

March 2013 - Alcohol Health Alliance: Alcohol and Cancer (pdf 734 kb)

05 March 2013 - Living well for Longer: a call to action on avoiding premature mortality. (pdf 704kb)


      23 March 2012 - The Government's Alcohol Strategy. (pdf 594kb)    

02 December 2010 - Transport Committee Report on Drink and Drug Driving Laws. (pdf 1.6mb)

30 November 2010 - Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our Strategy for Public Health in England (pdf 2.3mb)

30 November 2010 - Review of Alcohol Taxation (pdf 286kb) 
June 2010 - Report of the Review of Drink and Drug Driving Law (pdf 2mb)

June 2010 - Public Health Programme Guidance on Alcohol-use disorders. (pdf 468kb). 

2010 -  Guidelines on the clinical management of patients suffering from alcohol use disorders (pdf 2.5mb)

Also available here are most of the background research studies produced to aid formulation of the guidelines:

NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre (2010) Statistics on Alcohol: England 2010. (pdf 430kb)

NTA (2009)  - Substance misuse among young people Report - 2007/08 data. (pdf 538kb)

University of Sheffield (2008) -  Independent Review of the Effects of Alcohol Pricing and Promotion:

University of Leicester (2007) -  The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS) 2007 - New Estimates of Alcohol Misuse and Dependence

University of Westminster (2007)  - New licensing laws 'not creating a café culture' shows new report

The Information Centre (2006) - Statistics on Alcohol

Northwest Public Health Observatory (2006) - Local Alcohol Profiles

Office for National Statistics (2006)GHS 2005 - Smoking and Drinking Among Adults (pdf 594kb)

Public Health Observatory, SEPHO (2007) -  Choosing health in the South East: alcohol



Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) (2007) -  Alcohol - Price, Policy and Public Health

Alcohol information Scotland (2007) Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2007 (pdf 543kb)